Since When Are Samosas Served Chilled?

Pabla Vegetarian Cuisine - Kosher, Vegetarian Indian Fare (1 Star)

This will be my shortest and most negative review. Ever. Hopefully, it will never happen again. Yes, that's 1 Star.

The restaurant had a buffet warmer issue and a few of the burners had to be turned off. As a result, several of the entrees in the buffet were cold.
At an Indian restaurant where sauce is king and things like rice and naan serve only as vehicles to get more sauce to your lips, cold entrees are pretty much the last thing you want on your plate. The flavors were also so-so, but as they were cold it's tough to really know how flavorful each dish could have been.

When I spoke with one of the employees there, she explained what hap
pened and apologized. Carrie later asked if they offered to refund my money, but it didn't cross my mind to even ask for a refund.

As an additional note, this "buffet" only offered 20 items. That includes only five entrees, rice and naan, a few sauces (yes, these count as part of the 20 items offered), samosas and pakoras, salad and salad dressing, and two desserts. This was quite disappointing as it's easily three times smaller than the Pabla India Grill buffet in Tukwila (which was recently rated a solid 4 Stars).

Even if the food had been spectacular, I'm not sure I could recommend more than 3 Stars for this limited buffet

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alice said...

That would have pissed me off. Well I know where not to eat in Tukwila now. Thanks for the review.

Jared said...

For clarification, this was in Issaquah, not Tukwila. The Pabla India Grill in Tukwila is AMAZING food and I will go back again and again. :)

This is one of their other restaurants: Pabla Vegetarian Cuisine - and could obviously not recommend it at all.

Superchef said...

thanks for that review. Pabla is hosting the "Vegetarians of Washington" buffet this month and we were wondering whether to go or not. After this review, maybe not!!

Jared said...

I would have mixed feelings about it, Superchef.

As I mentioned to Alice, Pabla India Grill in Tukwila was VERY good. It had a huge buffet and took a lot of pride in their service and in the dishes (all were hot and none were just sitting there unstirred). They also have a small bakery there, so there are more eyes on the food.

The three or four Pablas in the Seattle metro area are owned by the same family who started restaurants in India about 60 years ago so they know how to run a restaurant. That said, I definitely felt more confident in the Tukwila restaurant from the get-go than from the Issaquah location.

Hopefully you're able to go and have a wonderful experience! At some point, I'll have to revisit them and hope they fare far better.

Best of luck! :)

Ann said...

I cant stand anything served cold other than an ice cream!! can't imagine eating samosa chilled :( but atleast that gravy looks yummy !

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