Columbia City: Favorite Restaurants And Why

Nick asked what my favorite restaurants were near my house and I thought it'd be a great opportunity to actually have my first "real" blog post. Thanks, Nick!

1. Columbia City Bakery - French and American Pastry (4.5 Stars)

While not technically a restaurant, they have some extraordinary baked goods. readers agree with me, as they should! Try the seasonal fruit tarts, ultra flaky croissants,
various danish (over the top delicious), or the muffins. I gather up a mixed baker's dozen to delight my coworkers from time to time.
Columbia City Bakery on Urbanspoon

2. Kallaloo - Caribbean (3.5 Stars)

The interior is quaint and the service was excellent the last time I ate at there. The St. Lucia Stuffed Plantains were *delicious* as was the Vegetarian Plate (it's a mix-and-match of three sides and I had the Vegetarian Callaloo, Red Beans and Rice with Coconut Milk, and Fried Plantains).
Kallaloo on Urbanspoon

3. Geraldine's Counter - American Classics (5 Stars)

It's impossible to visit Columbia City for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and not stop by Geraldine's. The restaurant is constantly packed due to the generous portions and home-cooked fare. I've had everything from the Avocado and Pepperjack Omelet and Biscuits and Gravy to the All Natural Burger (quite literally, the best burger in town; even better with extra cheese and thick-cut bacon) and Cobb Salad. Their Macaroni and Cheese is good, though mine is better. :) They don't have room for larger parties, but we've found space for five or six at times. Expect a solid wait if you're visiting during prime meal times.
Geraldine's Counter on Urbanspoon

4. Tutta Bella - Authentic Italian Classics (3.5 Stars)

Everyone I've talked to gushes over their pizza. I think it's marginal at best and generally don't order it because the crust is *always* soggy, almost as if the toppings just steamed on top of it, so the toppings fall right off when you bite. That said, the Insalata di Salerno and Insalata di Mista salads are stellar and well-portioned with the Filomena's Tiramisu (the most amazing tiramisu I've ever had) or the house-made Carolina's Cornetto (cookie cone stuffed with cherries and pistachios) offer delectable finales to your dinner.
Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

5. Awash - Ethiopian (3.5 Stars)

This restaurant seems to receive mixed reviews (mainly on service, so I wouldn't take someone you're trying to impress), but the food itself has always been excellent. I always order the Vegetarian Sample Plate which consists if five or six to eight smallish “dollops” of lentils, cabbage, carrots, and other veggies resting on a gigantic Injera (a large, sourdough, pancake-like bread you tear apart and use to eat your food). The portion overall is healthy and I always leave with a full belly and a happy heart.
Awash on Urbanspoon

6. El Sombrero Family Mexican Restaurant - Traditional Mexican (3.5 Stars)

El Sombrero is a sure-thing when you want inexpensive, non-pretentious “Mexican” food. The service is quick, the portions large, and you can usually find just what you're looking for on the menu including rich moles with complex flavors, man-sized burritos, and their spicy and delicious house salsa. They also have a nearly endless variety of margaritas (the Macho Margarita comes in a glass the size of your head). The only downside is the apparent lack of “wow” factor with their dishes. All are tasty, but it's tough to find a dish that's better than any of the chains. That said, you won't be disappointed by a visit.

El Sombrero Family Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Alohablonde said...

I love the Ethiopian idea...been looking for a good Ethiopian joint for awhile now. I like your pics too. Not bad. Youra makin me ahungria!!Mer

Jared said...

Awash is pretty low-key. There's no real decorating outside of the pictures from the "Ethiopian Travel Council" or some such, but they've generally been hospitable and the food's always been good.

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