Medium-Well = Lousy Tipper?

Eastlake Bar and Grill - "Upscaled" Classic Bar Fare (3 Stars)

According to Jen, anyone who orders their steaks medium-well are lousy tippers, while those who order it rare or medium-rare are good tippers. As I have never ordered a steak, but would order it medium-well at the rarest, I defy her qualification and am a ridiculously good tipper...except when the service or ambiance leaves a lot to be desired.

Bottom line: If I have to watch a couple not just make-out but see him suck her n!pple 10 feet from my table, expect a lousy (for me) tip. HELLO!

I assumed that a restaurant with "bar and grill" in the title would make excellent burgers. In their defense, the Eastlake Half Pounder is a substantial beef burger (if not very flavorful). The thick cut, crispy bacon was excellent and the avocado was ripe and delicious. It comes with cheddar and swiss cheeses along with the usual lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. I ordered it sans thousand island dressing. The bun was very soft (read: potato bread bun) and immediately flattened as I tried to eat the burger.

On the other hand, Ryan definitely enjoyed his Chicken Jalapeno Mac and Cheese.
The penne pasta was served with a grilled chicken breast, jalapeno cheese "sauce", and a hunk of their apparently very good garlic bread (three people commented they loved the bread). I have trouble believing non-processed cheese was used in their sauce, but I could be wrong. It's very creamy, but quite mild and would have been more interesting had they used Parmesan or Asiago to help boost the cheese sauce flavor.

Overall, pretty standard bar fare a bit below par with a Chile's or Applebee's.

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